Munkstown LLC is owned by Liz Galvin. Liz is a mother of three who loves design, art, travel, and being active in nature. Before getting married, becoming a mom, and launching Munkstown, Liz was an interior designer in New York City. 

Munkstown was originally founded in 2011 by Liz and her husband while they were living outside Seattle. Liz's talent and her husband's previous experience with the industry were a strong combination.

Interestingly, the first Munkstown shirts were for adults but Liz soon decided she was more interested in designing cool clothing for youth. Shortly thereafter Munkstown teamed up with an artist named Hiro Kurata to design the first Munkstown kids' tee.

The first full line of tees was launched in 2012, in collaboration with a super talented college friend of Liz's who was designing in New York City. After a second collection of products her friend decided to step away to pursue other interests and collaborations. 

In 2013 Liz and family moved back to San Diego (where her husband is from). In San Diego Munkstown grew (with the support of many amazing friends) and was soon selling clothes to people all over the U.S. and in many countries around the world.

In 2015 Liz's third child was born and her husband's work took them to Utah (They now live in Utah about 15 minutes from the world famous Sundance resort). Luckily her husband's family still lives in San Diego so they get the best of the beach and the mountains throughout the year.

In late 2015 Liz decided to slow down with Munkstown until her youngest was in school. During this period Liz mothered full-time, painted, and pursued other creative outlets. She also remodeled her home, putting her design skills to good use. 

In 2019 with her youngest in preschool and with the encouragement of friends, Liz decided that it was time to start making Munkstown again.

We are glad that you are here to be on this journey with us!